Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of Children's Advocacy Group is to provide meaningful and compassionate legal representation to the abused and neglected children of San Bernardino County, California. The involvement of child welfare agencies can be an overwhelming experience for a child. Our attorneys possess a steadfast dedication to the representation and the protection of our client's emotional and physical well-being.

We envision a community where our children belong to strong, stable families, face minimal obstacles, and are given the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. To accomplish this goal, we advocate for the safety, health, and happiness of all of our clients. By ensuring that appropriate services are implemented on behalf of our children, our goal is to prevent their re-victimization and to increase the positive outcomes for our youth.

Our unwavering commitment to the children that we represent reflects our desire to produce a powerful voice for the most vulnerable members of our society, while maintaining the highest of professional and ethical standards.

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